Give Your Driveway Protection From the Elements

Set up local seal coating services in the Carmel, ME area

You can increase the life span of your driveway significantly - just turn to Silver Mountain Construction LLC for local seal coating services! In just two-five hours, we can apply a protective coating to your driveway in the Carmel, ME area. We'll provide an estimate for the project in person or collect your information over the phone if you live over 20 miles away. Once we gather your information, we'll get prepped for the project right away!

Get an estimate on local seal coating services by calling 207-974-7173 now.

Say goodbye to unsightly cracks on your driveway

In addition to seal coating, we also offer driveway crack repair services. We can:

  • Find and mark all the cracks in your driveway
  • Clean out the cracks and remove any debris
  • Use rubber to fill in the cracks
This rubber solution will prevent water from seeping into the cracks and making them bigger.

Driveway crack repairs won't just make your pavement look better, but they'll also help spare you from needing future asphalt replacements. Make an appointment for driveway repair services today.

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